AIES is a Complete Examination, Tabulation, Result Publishing solution for Universities/Education Control Boards.

The proposed system intends integration of examination system at university/Board level to bring

  • Integratable
  • Scalable
  • Transparent and robust e-governance solutions for examination system put under single integrated System

The solution automates Examination Management that shall include

  • On line application filling
  • Rank list publishing
  • Registration and enrollment
  • On line examination application
  • Admit card Printing
  • Examination Presets
  • Examination Scheduling
  • Release of Examination Time Table On Line
  • Valuation Process
  • Application of Tabulation Logics
  • Semester Promotions
  • On line Result Publishing
  • Engraved Certification and Mark Sheet Printing
  • On line Verification
  • On line application for various other certificates