ERP HealthCare

A complete Automation Software System for Hospitals & campus, to keep track of the entire hospital activities for different departments such as OP, IP, Accounts, Pharmacy, Stores, Investigations etc including financial transactions, integrated with Human Resource Management. Built on .Net technology, the system works on n-tier architecture wherein the application while running as a Client Server system, is live updated into the Web with fool proof data encryption. Plug in is provided to integrate Embedded machines or instruments such as Bio-Metric Finger Print Devices or Smart Card/ Proximity Card based devices.

Automation Solution integrates these modules to ultimately get almost all of the MIS requirements.

Unique Advantages
  • Comprehensive
  • Multi User Support
  • Multi Location Support
  • lose to the activities of the hospital there by keeping the hospital services live, realistic and up-to-date
  • Provisions to systematically track different stages of treatments and follow up visits