ERP - Sales and Distribution

Our sales and distribution module provides an advanced distribution solution that helps you minimize carrying costs while ensuring sufficient product availability. Automated supply chain processes integrate solidly with demand forecasting to maximize inventory control and profits. Distribution modules support multiple warehouses. Reports give you up-to-the-minute inventory information, allowing you to analyze needs and anticipate changes.


Purchase Order manages the physical receipt of materials. It gives you the ability to track received goods by matching the delivery receipt with the invoice and the original purchase order. You're assuredof tighter tracking,andmoreaccurateinventorycontrolwithin yourwarehouse.


This module allows you to price inventory items based on customer class, location, discounts and more. Each line item can have its own ship-to address, salesperson, tax rate, ship date, ship-from location and drop ship. The Sales Order module can also accommodate multiple currencies, allowing youeasyaccessto globalmarkets.Italladdsupto unsurpassedpricingflexibility.


The warehouse-centric design of Inventory Management lets you track costs and sales histories by warehouse, andusemultiple bins in the same warehouse fora single inventory item. With this feature, you'll be able to quickly locate the items your customers are requesting. It also allows you to continue taking orders during inventory cycle counting, ensuring that your business continues to operate at peakefficiency-savingyourcompanyvaluabletime andmoney.